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Saw Designer

Saw Designer Evaluation

Circular saw CAD(Computer Aided Drafting) program to assist in saw design and selection.

Saw Designer is now compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit).

Advantages and Features of Saw Designer.

Saw designer was created for saw manufacturers and saw filers.

Saw Designer simplifies the design process and has a very short learning curve. There is no need to know how to use a CAD program nor is it necessary to have any knowledge of geometry or trigonometry.

Using Saw Designer saves time over standard CAD programs. Designing a saw in a CAD program can take anywhere from twenty minutes to one hour. Using Saw Designer the process can take as little as five minutes, therefore significantly reducing the total design time.
Saw Designer allows you to see the changes as you make them. The saw is displayed in a viewer window and updated with every change, therefore allowing you to view the saw exactly the way it will look when completed.
Features Include:
  • Windows Design (point and click).
  • Choose between imperial and metric.
  • Choose from seven tooth shape styles.
  • Bore, keyways, and pinholes.
  • Calculate power requirements.
  • Step by step design process.
  • Variable tooth pitch and gullet depth.
  • Insert and expansion slots.
  • Specification reports.
For more details see the following:

Tooth styles include:
  • Square back.
  • Round back.
  • Control style.
  • Double radius (two different arcs at the bottom of the gullet).
  • Triple radius (three different arcs at the bottom of the gullet).
  • Flat bottom (flat gullet bottom).
  • Frost Tooth (single, double or triple radius at bottom of the gullet).
  • V-Tooth.
  • Round Blank.
Variable pitch can be adjusted by the angle between teeth or the tooth pitch.
Gullet depth can be adjusted independently of the tooth pitch.

Bore styles include:
  • Round bore.
  • Lobe spline.
  • Involute spline.
The involute spline allows for a variety of adjustments which include:
  • Outside diameter.
  • Inside diameter.
  • Clearance.
  • Fillet radius.
  • Rounded top.
Slot styles include:
  • Standard expansion slots.
  • Self plugging slots.
  • Insert style slots (inside and outside).
Some of the other values Saw Designer calculates include:
  • Gullet area.
  • Gullet capacity.
  • Tooth bite.
  • Estimated horsepower per saw.
You can either use a step by step process using input dialog boxes where the program guides you through the saw design, or use the various editors to design a saw section by section with the option of turning input dialog boxes on or off.

Upon completion of your saw, you can export it to a DXF file (drawing exchange format), compatible with many CAD/CAM programs including Autocad. You can also print out a detailed specification report with all the saw information, including two drawings, one at a 1/1 scale and the other scaled down to show the whole saw.

Saw Designer Evaluation Program

Main Viewer Tooth Shape Editor Slot Editor Bore Editor Pinhole Editor Keyway Editor Power Requirements List Style Input Dialog Box Yes or No Style Input Dialog Box

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